Chronicles for Wine Lovers

Chronicles for Wine Lovers

Some thoughts on Figure, Wine, and Hope


Hopes sits at the table, talks about hope, cooks, longs for wine; it’s the essential food for the brain, the heart, and lifestyles.

If you don’t think it’s that important, push it to the side.  Sooner than later you’ll realize that life is sad and monotonous without it.

Hope (Raymond Aron mentioned in his writings on freedom and the “caviar left”) can move mountains; it did.

Those of us who believe that the history of civilizations is also written with a fork and a spoon have learned from some teachers the need of cultivating hope.

This can be expressed and cultivated in apparently simple things: a cup of coffee, a lentils dish cooked and served with joy, a bowl of soup, a sober salad… and a glass of red, white or rosé wine, over artisan bread like the ones Eugenio Montejo’s father kneaded at dawn, while his son wrote on a notebook about his dream of becoming a poet.



Food scholars affirm that hope for a better life can be measured by observing the day -to -day, at the market or the freezer, for example.

On ‘going shopping’ the reader doesn’t need recommendations or comments.  There, the margin for hope is vast.

Behaviorists state that the universe of people who ‘go shopping’ weekly or every two weeks, is divided into two groups.  In the first, the person sits in front of the TV, looks at three, six channels, and thus discovers every available delight.

In the second group, states Nielsen, the polling company, the person depends on the phone, friends knowledgeable in wine (in growing numbers), on his own convictions (being the expert he is), on types of grapes, tannins, anthocyanins, ageing stages.



Surely you must have been aware, reading the horoscope, magazines, newspapers, and journals, or better still, watching TV, that in the Twenty-First Century we’ve evolved from being the generation of oracles regarding what will happen to you on Monday or next week-end to that of the preachers of happiness based on the figure.

When muscles are exalted, common sense trembles, used to say maestro Jean Huteau when he taught at the Sorbonne.  When in the lunch boxes of school and college students – he reasoned – TV is more important than medicine, mother, grandmother, intelligence comes out the worse for it.

Nutrition, based on prohibitions and photo-shopped figures, dulls the appetite, stultifies the dissidence of alien taste, belittles diversity and difference.

And the worst thing – one might think – wine is forgotten, albeit science applauds it when it’s imbibed in moderation.  

Blissfully, this century’s vagaries in trends, popular savvy, and the inspirational desire to enjoy life converted wine into the protagonist of an agrarian revolution that escorts meals, or the solitude of experts 

Thus, in less than 20 years, the United States has surprised everyone; at present, it’s the fourth wine-producing force worldwide, and the first wine consumer in the world since 2011. To the despair of French pride, it has never abandoned this leadership.

The Phoenicians, Greeks, and Romans who founded the first wine civilizations could never have imagined this.

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