The new Mexican Revolution

The new Mexican Revolution

Tequila and Mezcal go out to conquer the world.

 A new, worldwide revolution is under way from Mexico.  It points out the habits of urban culture in the Twenty First Century, and comes from afar, although Tequila’s denomination of origin was acknowledged in 1975, and Mezcal’s twenty years later.

 For a long time, this new revolution in taste was vied for only between Mexicans and their symbols. Now they have powerful allies with enough clout to transform the modern Bar.  It is intent on it.


“Let’s change the perception”


Come and listen to the Mexicans” maestro Jean Huteau (pronounced ‘Huto’) sid to me.

 It was June of 2013 and it was extremely hot in Bordeaux.  We were drenched in sweat at Vinexpo, the most prestigious World Wine Fair.

 “Let’s change the perception; in Europe they have a wrong, poor idea  In the States it’s different, people know and understand there.  Let’s change the image of Tequila and Mezcal globally,”  said the Mexicans nicely, with a polite smile.

 They did just that in four years, and they’re still at it.  In 2018, five years from that announcement in Bordeaux, their Tequila and Mezcal exports keep growing.  They lead the way in the categories.

 The new Mexican Revolution didn’t come as a surprise to the multinational distillates and spirits; they knew about it and decided almost at the same time, to ride the wave.

 The big players in the world of spirits have invested millions of dollars in Tequila and Mezcal.  Diageo (Great Britain), Pernod-Ricard (France) and Bacardi have rapidly taken global positions in a sector that until recently was rather quiet, exotic and marked by the Mexican accent and tradition.

 The consumer will take notice during 2018-2019.  According to the world meeting of judges of “Tequila Master” held two months ago in London, “The Premium tendency will advance like it was never imagined in the category.  They will increase its quality and the subleties of destillation and ageing. Its diversification will grow by profiles of taste.”


What lies ahead

  The New Mexican Revolution will be celebrated within and without the geographic territory.  Within and without the consumer.

Changes are being programmed in plantations and distilleries.  People in charge of marketing and design are already working on campaigns which will be seen at the year’s end.

 Additionally, allies are being sought, as well as the conquest of new territories.  The essential pillar among the allies will be sale locations and bartenders.

 In the conquest of new territories, the feminine palate is a strategic target.  The construction of a new relation between women and drinks originated in the Mexican agave is a huge, ambitious and anticipated territory today.

 “Whom will they take it from? Vodka, Gin,”answers Huteau.

…While they advance more slowly in the conquest of those palates.

Will tradition be affected? Not at all, both categories, Tequila and Mezcal, handle fidelity to their consumers very well.

Each brand has a large scope. They know how to manage prices, and won’t turn it into an elite drink.

 Any predictions? If once, for lovers of this category, it was thus, these Mexican drinks will never be monotonous or boring.





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